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02/08/09 03:40 AM #1    


Dan Geuder

Welcome to the Aurora High School Class Of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/08/09 03:31 PM #2    


Ed Gordon

Welcome everyone to the class of 1964 offical website! Please write to us and send any comments, ideas, suggestions, or whatever so we can have a great 45th reunion!

02/16/09 08:34 AM #3    


Bonnie Short (Corns)

Hello everyone,

We are really excited about our new website. It will help us find classmates we have been searching for.

We are also excited about the plans for our 45th class reunion. We had a great turnout for the 40th and are hoping this one is even bigger and better. Hope you can make arrangements to come.

04/12/09 10:41 AM #4    

Bill Ray

Happy Easter and GOD Bless.

06/15/09 08:01 PM #5    

Lynn Rozin (Holtegel)

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Should be a lot of fun!

07/28/09 10:19 PM #6    

Pam Walker (Gleason)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 45th. I have enjoyed every reunion that I have attended. I think I have only missed the 5 Yr. one. See you all soon.

07/30/09 09:08 PM #7    

Mary Dagnon (Buck)

To all of my classmates who worked on this website. It was great to see everyone and hear about their lives and kids and grandkids. I will enjoy hearing more about the 45th reunion. Hope you all have fun. MaryBuck

08/03/09 04:57 PM #8    

Virginia Grathwohl (Hopstetter)

WOW the reunion commitee hasn't changed a bit. Wait maybe it was the 64 yearbook pictures that I was looking at. You all did a great job. It was nice reading about everyone and sad to see the ones that have passed on. Have a great time at the reunion and hope to make the 50th.

Jinny Grathwohl Hopstetter

08/12/09 11:10 AM #9    

Jim House

I hope you all enjoy the reunion, I was hoping I could be there (I'd actually like to make it to one reunion!!)but unfortunately it isn't possible, maybe in 5 more years!?!? And Sharon, I WILL answer your email one of these days!! Good luck and God bless to all of you!

08/15/09 12:56 AM #10    

Gaye Morand (Caley)

Hello Class of '64,
Due to change of plans, I will be unable to attend the reunion. Just a little bit that has happened in the past (we won't say how many) years. I am currently living in Markle, IN and am working full-time. My husband, Bob, is a retired school teacher, and together we have six children and fourteen grandchildren. Scot and Jessica are Bob and my children together. Scot is a full-time minister in eastern Ohio. He is married and has three beautiful children. Jessica recently graduated with a degree in Legal Studies. She was married in July and her husband is getting his doctorate in Physical Therapy.
My parents are still living in Harrison, OH. There are 88 years old.
Since graduating I became a music teacher and taught piano lessons for thirty years while raising children. I am very proud of my six children and their accomplishments in the church, community and business.
I hope that you all have a good time at the reunion and safe travels!

Gaye (Morand) Caley

08/17/09 04:55 PM #11    

Lynn Rozin (Holtegel)

Everyone seemed to have a great time all weekend! Thanks for letting me help with the planning! It was so much fun!!!

08/17/09 09:00 PM #12    

Cheryl Hurd (Steckel)

The reunion was great! Our class all turned out to be such wonderful people! I deeply appreciate the great job Dan & the Reunion Committee did to make it such a memorable event. Greetings to all!

(((Class of '64)))
(((Reunion Committee)))

08/21/09 11:11 AM #13    

Dick Cutter

Classmates--sorry I was unable to attend the reunion but due to a last minute travel issue with my wife we could not make it to Aurora and back in time.

Would have loved to see everyone and catch-up.

Just a quick update--I live in South Bend, IN and am the General Counsel of a NYSE corporation. My wife, Helen and I have 5 sons between us--3 mine and 2 hers--ranging in age from 40 to 23--and we have 6 grandchildren--my youngest is in his first year of law school at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville and my oldest (my hippie son) still has 2 classes to complete his degree at San Francisco State. The others are all married and out in the world--2 live in Florida and 1 in Massachusetts.

Had hoped to be retired by now but thanks to law school tuition still have 3 years to go. Sure hope to make the 50th.

08/29/09 11:35 PM #14    

Lynn Rozin (Holtegel)

Happy birthday Don!! Complete your profile so I can email you!!

10/05/09 04:25 PM #15    

Pam Walker (Gleason)

If you missed the Farmer's Fair, you missed a wonderful time. I was there from Monday thru Sunday staying with my cousin. The window that was decorated in the old Schuck Bldg. was great. The float, hay wagon, we rode on in the parade was so much fun. The committee worked very hard to put it all together and I want to thank them for allowing me to help. I had such a great time. The food and the hospitality room that was set up was a God send for some of us old people. Seeing old classmates and other friends that we went to school with was wonderful.
I look forward to our future yearly gatherings.

THANKS, to everyone!

12/11/09 12:16 AM #16    


Sandy Coldwell (Higham)

Thanks Dan got it changed now i can get into different things. Going to bed got to get up early ugh!!!!Take care talk to you later.

12/24/09 12:17 PM #17    

Bill Ray

/Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

03/01/10 12:08 PM #18    

Betty Jo Tandy (Lieland)


As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this past spring.

This summer, my 3 daughters and I are going to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. It is a 60-mile walk over 3 days to raise money in the fight to end Breast Cancer. definitely an incredible challenge. But,one worth taking.

To learn more about this event and to support me on this amazing journey, please visit their homepage at To get to my personal fundraising webpage from their homepage, click on donate and type in Betty Lieland or just Click Here.

Thank you.

03/03/10 03:48 PM #19    

Cheryl Hurd (Steckel)

I'll be rooting for you, Betty Jo, & keeping you in my prayers as well.

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