Applewood 2011

Annual Get Together Attracts 40 to The Applewood on Saturday, September 10, 2011

23 of the 24 Classmates who Attended the Reunion
(Jack Chapman also attended, but missed the picture)

Twenty-four classmates and 16 spouses & guests gathered together at The Applewood in Aurora on Saturday, September 10.  It is always special when any classmate shows up, but it is extra special to have a classmate appear that has never attended a reunion.  This year we had 3 classmates make their first appearance at a reunion!  Coming in for the first time were Alvina Callihan, Donna Peters, and Clyde "Bucky" Burgess.  Alvina and Donna graduated with us in 1964.  Bucky is well known by the Manchester crowd where he went to school with them for 8 years, and then completed 2 years at AHS before transferring to Moores Hill.  We hope they will continue to keep in touch and come to future class events.  It was also nice to see Virginia Grathwohl.  Jinny had attended the 20-Year Reunion at the Park, but had not been back until Applewood 2011.  Rodger Casey made the trip from his home in Virginia after his rookie appearance at last year's reunion.