Farmers Fair 2011


At the 2009 Farmers Fair, our class set up a memorabilia display in the windows of the Schuck Building at 312 Second Street for all days of the fair, and hosted at luncheon on Saturday following the parade.  We welcomed all former AHS students to this "Devil's Den".  The event turned out to be very succesfull.   We did not set up the Devil's Den at the 2010 Farmers Fair.  For 2011, we solicited help from other classes of the 60s, and planned the Devil's Den at the fair in conjunction with planning a new 60s bash for the Summer of 2012.  The Devil's Den was even more successfull in 2011 than we had experienced in 2009.  The turnout was hugh on Saturday after the parade as can be seen in some of the photos posted here.  The register was signed by 212, and we know that everyone did not sign in.