Farmers Fair 2009

Class of 64 at the 2009 Farmers Fair
(September 30 - October 3)


 Our class participated in the Aurora Farmers Fair in three major ways.  First, we put up a class display in the store window at 312 Second Street.  Second, we entered a float in the parade.  Third, we hosted a luncheon and reception for classmates and friends of our class, following the parade.  The luncheon was also in the store at 312 Second Street.

Window Display:

The window display contained class memorabilia and a memorial display of our deceased classmates.  The window display attracted a lot of interest by fairgoers.  Here's how the window display looked from the street:

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Parade Float:

We had 17 classmates ride on our float during the parade.  Those that rode the float had a great time.  We had good weather for the parade.  The sky was blue with a few scattered clouds.  The temperature made it into the 60s, although there was a mildly brisk breeze.  The theme of the fair was "A Salute To Walt Disney".  In the spirit of this theme, classmates wore mouse ears and white gloves, while the Mickey Mouse Club March blared from the float.  Following is a still photo of the float with several classmates anxiously awaiting the start of the parade:

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Following are 4 videos.  The first video is of our float in the staging area with most of the riders onboard.  The next three videos were taken from the front on the float during the parade.





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